A Family-Oriented Gem Manufacturer You Can Trust

At Gemstones Corporation, we believe that jewelry is far more than just an accessory:  It is a powerful piece of wearable art capable of expressing emotion, love, and individuality.  We produce magnificent gemstones that will elevate the look, quality, and desirability of any piece of jewelry.  Gemstones Corporation offers ethically sourced, endlessly beautiful gemstones to quality-minded, aesthetic-centered jewelry designers and artists throughout the globe at wholesale prices.


Gemstones Corporation is passionate about providing superior colored gemstones that inspire, impress, and last.  Each of our employees has been hand selected, trained, and vetted through an exhaustive process to ensure each gemstone is handled with the utmost care and respect – leading to a brilliant gemstone that exceeds all expectations.  Embracing our own dedicated approach to our work, Gemstones Corporation is the world’s premier colored gemstones manufacturing team because of years of combined decades of industry experience, groundbreaking, state of the art tools, our unabashed obsession for serving our customers, and our in-house trained artisan employees.

Who We Are

Based in Jaipur, India, Gemstones Corporation is a family-owned and operated designer and manufacturer of custom gems, with many years of experience in the industry. We use the finest materials and our knowledge to create any custom style you desire. Our gemstones are sourced rough and ethically mined throughout the world to ensure minimal impact on the environment.  Embracing our dedication to social mindfulness as well as environmentally safe practices, Gemstones Corporation then produces and perfects each stone in our own manufacturing space with our own individually trained team of gemstone artisans.  To date, we have worked hard to build a strong reputation as the trustworthy partner of choice for leading jewelry designers throughout the industry. Gemstones Corporation has continued to remain steadfast in our mission to showcase the talent of Jaipur gemstone artisans to a global audience, all while providing reliable and trustworthy information, data, and resources centered on all of the gems we offer.  

Your Vision. Our Gemstones.

Our goal is quite clear: To produce magnificently crafted, undeniably beautiful colored gemstones that inspire jewelry designers to bring their visions to life.  We love to hear about the joy our gemstones bring our customers throughout the world, and love nothing more than getting to witness the incredible designs and pieces that come from the imagination of these jewelry artists.  Our large and diverse catalog of premium colored gemstones allow designers and artists maximum flexibility to create the visual masterpieces they desire.  With our custom bespoke gemstones, Gemstones Corporation partners with designers to create the perfect colored gemstone for their needs.  Our team of industry-leading gemstone producers specialize in providing any shape, cut, color, and size of any gemstone – all affordably priced and produced in a timely, efficient manner.  With delivery anywhere throughout the world, our gemstones have been featured in countless designs across the globe and adored by thousands of individuals.

Best in Class Gemstone Manufacturing that Dazzles

Gemstones Corporation combines raw gems that have been ethically sourced throughout the world, talented, in-house trained gemstone professionals, decades of industry experience, and modern, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment to create the most spectacular colored gemstones for jewelry designers and artists throughout the world.  From our timeliness to our capacity to create custom bespoke gemstones, our vast catalog of gemstones to our customer-centric approach, our socially-centered and environmentally-friendly practices to our affordability:  It is no wonder why the most savvy and quality-driven jewelry artists and designers work with Gemstones Corporation – isn’t it time that you do, too?